Friday, December 30, 2011

Failure in the official datasheet of TDA7293

The original datasheet of TDA7293 is not correct. The 10th page for parallel module is wrong on the first version created at 1999. If you seek the datasheet by google, you may find this older version first. You have to use new datasheet created at 2003. Here is an article about this problem (and my own paralleled TDA amplifier by the datasheet 1999 was wrong like in the article):

"Make sure to use the schematic from the datasheet from 2003. Slave mode is activated by pulling IN+, IN- and SGND to -Vs, the negative supply! In older versions of the schematic slave mode is NOT activated properly, which may lead according to reports on the internet to the destruction of the chip."

About these datasheets:

On the first version created at 1999 the inputs of slave chip is grounded:

In the new datasheet from 2003 this is changed to "-" power voltage:

This change is very important for parallel design. Against chip destruction and high value of distortion use the second version of the official datasheet.

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