Thursday, December 29, 2011

TDA7293 for more than 300W (500-600-700W)

My previous post, where I wrote about the TDA7294 and 7293 modular amplifier design, I uploaded a table about the output powers:

By this table, for the maximum 300W amplifier required:

This amplifier required 6 pcs TDA7293, but for stereo device 12 pcs needed. The "chip" is really low cost, not too much for 300W amplifier.

But not only 2 parallel chips can be inserted after the main and bridged module. Schematics with 3 parallel modules (after main and bridged modules too) may possible. If the possible output current of one chip is 2.5A, with 4 chips (one main or bridged, and 3-3 paralleled modules after main and bridge circuits) is 4x2.5=10A. With +-40V (80V) the result is 800W like in this schematic. But this is not true. One chip is 75W, 8x75=600W maximum output power.

The official guitar amplifiers (Marshall, Carlsbro, ...) using one TDA729x chips always says 100W output powers what is not true. But for high output power around 550...600W not impossible. For this amplifier required good speaker protection and fan controller and very good power supply with kW-s of transformer and high values of capacitors.

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PCB sales of this project
Module name Size
PDF SCH PCB image Tested Price (US$)
Des. Sim.1 Full2 Sim.1 Full2 Man3
TDA 7293 main module 59x65 38 Yes Yes Yes - - No 7
15 Ask
TDA 7293 bridge module 44x50 22 Yes Yes Yes - - No 5 12 Ask
TDA 7293 parallel module 41x47 19 Yes Yes Yes - -
No 5 12 Ask
Dual speaker protection 51x42 21 Yes Yes Yes - -
No 5 12 Ask
PWM Fan controller V:1 70x57 40 Yes Yes Yes - -
No 7 15 Ask
PWM Fan controller V:2 56x57 32 Yes Yes Yes - -
6 14 Ask
Stereo bridged TDA7294 amp (2x200W + speaker protection)
77x184 142 Yes Yes Yes Yes -
21 - Ask
Power supply for poweramps
135x98 132 Yes Yes Yes Yes -
19 - Ask
Soft start for toroid transformers
67x67 45 Yes Yes Yes Yes -
8 - Ask
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