Saturday, October 29, 2011

UREI546 parametric EQ like URS VST EQ bundle plugin

See again the project of parametric UREI EQ project. I posted I really like URS VST audio plugins. I wanted UREI cloned circuit, to make EQ like URS VST. Unfortunately this is impossible, because the required values of parts not available, but I think the differences are not too important because the parameters are adjustable, and maybe with some tricks (parallel connections for example) possible to create something like this. Therefore I choose two parametric EQ plugin from URS bundle, and trying to simulate the values with UREI EQ circuits. I think logarithmic potentiometers required for this simulation.

Look at my new values for 4 bands equalizer:
Lower values in URS VST plugin: 30 Hz, 75 Hz, 800 Hz, 2,5 kHz

Upper values on VST plugin: 400 Hz, 1 kHz, 12,5 kHz, 20 kHz:

The another VST plugin have 5 bands. I have only 4 and 6 bands of EQ PCB, but within 6 bands UREI have to be insert 5 EQ modules only. With this example, from the 5 bands 3 bands are similar. These 3 bands can be adjusted to different settings. Logarithmic potentiometers required again. No standard values of potentiometers like in the tables, but something with similar values will be useful.

Low values: 31 Hz, 75 Hz 3x, 2 kHz.

Upper values: 400 Hz, 12,5 kHz 3x, 20 kHz.

The table with capacitors and adjustable resistors:

I hope it's useful tip.

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